Tuesday, September 9, 2014

QuickBooks Barcode printing made easy

Don't you wish you could just enter an Invoice number or sales order number form QuickBooks and just press print and out would come al the labels for your order in one job?  Well now you can.   Lets keep it simple right?  QuickBooks forces you through several steps for every label.  QuickBooks Label connector from Accuware allows you to perform your QuickBooks barcode Printing in a much more rapid and accurate way.  When your employees "down on the floor" have to make alot of selections to print QuickBooks barcode labels then they will make mistakes.  We can also accommodate special business logic if you need Accuware to make the system operate in special ways to make you QuickBooks labels be produced with the the data and the "math" the way you need them to. 

Check out the solution at the link below. 


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Accuware has rolled out its inventory management solution to the Calgary "Drop in" Center.  This facility is the largest homeless shelter in  Canada.  Accuware's inventory management solution will be used to track the inventory of all donated clothing so that residents can benefit from the best possible care and clothing. 

We felt that this was a great way to give back.  Although Accuware did not donate the use of it's software it was provided at a very affordable special price to make the solution accessible to  their organization.  We think this is a worthy cause and we are proud to be involved. 

Find out more about Accuware's web based inventory management products here:


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

QuickBooks Label Connector with Multi Mode use of qty to print qty on Label feature